Fate Chips

Every now and then the dice may not work for you. That’s why Savage Worlds gives you, the player, a little control over your hero’s fate. This takes the form of Fate Chips, represented by other tokens that signify a little bit of good luck or fate. 
At the start of each game, the GM puts 20 white, 10 red, and five blue poker chips into an opaque container, called the “Fate Pot” and each player, without looking, drawd three Chips (or as many as he is entriled to). 
Then, the GM draws one Fate Chip for each player character. He may use these for any of his villains throughout the course of the game. 
Each of the GM’s Wild Cards also gets two Fate Chips per game session. They can use these or any of the Fate Chips in the Fate Pot to save their evil skins, but they can’t share their own Fate Chips with other nonplayer characters. 
During play, the Game Master may also let you draw more Fate Chips for great roleplaying, overcoming major obstacles, or even entertaining everyone with an outlandish action, side-splitting comment, or other memorable act. 
At the end of each game session, all Fate Chips are discarded and returned to the Fate Pot.

White Fate Chips
You can use a White Fate Chip to:
 ► Reroll a Trait test: make the entire roll from scratch. If you’re firing three shots on full-auto and don’t like the results, pick up all three dice and your Wild Die and roll again. You can keep spending Chips and rerolling as long as you like, and take the best of your attempts. If you roll a 5, for example, and a Fate Chip gets you a 4, keep the original 5 instead. 
Fate Chips cannot be spent on tables, damage rolls (unless a character has the No Mercy Edge), or any other roll that isn’t a Trait roll. 
Soak Roll: Fate Chips can also be used to save your bacon from deadly attacks. Choose carefully where you spend them!

Red Fate Chips

You can use a Red Fate Chip to: 
Use as White Chip: a Red Fate Chip can be used as if it were a White Fate Chip, 
Additional d6: A Red Fate Chip allows you to roll a d6 and add it to your current total (this die can Ace as usual). This also negates a critical failure from rolling a 1 on your skill die, should that be an issue. The bad news is that after you resolve your action, the GM gets a free draw from the Fate Pot for his NPC.

Blue Fate Chips 
Blue Fate Chips work exactly like Red Fate Chips except that the GM does not get to draw a Fate Chip.

Legend Fate Chips
When the players achieve particular milestones in the campaign or defeat a a major villain, the GM mat add a Legend Fate Chip to the Fate Pot.
Once drawn and used, Legend chips are never returned to the Fate Pot, They are removed from the game instead.
Legend Fate Chips  can be used in one of three ways: 
►   Use as a +2 Blue Fate Chip: use it like a blue fate chip, and add +2 to the final total. 
Reroll any roll: they can be used to reroll ANY roll—a damage roll, a roll on a table, a malfunction check, and so forth. 
Experience Point: a player can trade in an unplayed Legend chip at the end of a session for an automatic Experience Point. 

Fate Chips

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